Kid Size Paper making

I am a really bad mom and I don't share. My girls want to make paper but I get frustrated showing them how to work my larger screens and the big vat of pulp, SOOO I was really excited when I was perusing the clearance toys are at Target last week and stumbled upon a truly cool toy.

National Geographic™ Paper Recycling Kit

Wow -- What fun. I won't give this a glowing review because, well it is a toy and not everything works great BUT the girls had a blast swirling already pulped recycled paper thought the hand crank blender and the deckled screens did work really well and are just the right size for little people. I think I might have struggled if I did not know a bit about paper making, the pulp did not want to couch off the screen easily and modifications were made. I wish I had been able to find two of them because patience is not a four year olds virtue.

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