Google Reader - I Love you!

For those of you who don't wear a "G" for geeky google girl on you personal letterman jacket like I do, here is a cool google feature you may not be aware of.

Google Reader will save you loads of time and clean up your email box, bookmarked blogs and desktop, it might even save you some money cause you won't have to print every cool blog image you find. Before I discovered Google Reader I either received email updates from my favorite blogs or I book marked them and hoped I could find the time to hop around or I printed the post. Reader changes all that.

The cool thing about reader is you can add a subscription to any blog you like and when you go to reader it is all there and you can easily scroll down a list of new blog posts. If you were at my house I could show you how to do this super easy but I found a tutorial online that should help.

Once you get all good to go with Reader you will notice that each blog entry has a list of things you can do with the post, one of them is "share" them or email them with your gmail account. When you share a blog post google has a secret page they create that lists all of your fav post. This is really a great thing cause I will see a cool project or idea and then lose it, now I add it to my shared items and I can always find it. Here is my shared page.

Google reader enable me to actually enjoy reading all the blogs that I love in half the time it used to take. I love it but please don't email me questions google has a great help page.

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