Our Lady of Guadalupe

We all have our "things," one of my BIG "things" is imagery of the Virgin Mary. I have the double whammy of attending Catholic school and a minor in Art History. So when I notice two of my favorite fabric manufacturers, Robert Kaufman and Timeless Treasures, had our lady of Guadalupe fabric it was a must have for the store.
In two weeks, SAF goes mobile for the month of June and our first stop is Saint Benedict’s monastery, home of the Ave Maria Grotto, the holy land in miniature. The Alabama Quilt Symposium starts on June 7th.
So the fabric came in on Thursday, I put some up in my studio. I wanted my projects to be quick and fun, so I decided on pillows and totes. The Kaufman fabric has 4 panels, approximately 10 x 11. I had the perfect fabric to go with it, Florentine by Peggy O'Toole. Both lines are full of metallic gold accents, the solid fabric with dots is Fusion, one of the Kaufman’s Basics.
The pillows use a 12 x 12 pillow form, but I made them 17 x 17 to create the border. Fast and easy and no ruffle to catch while you sew around.
The Kaufman tote is a bit bigger than I thought it would be. Watch out for the math you do after 11 at night. It is about 17 x 22.
The Timeless Treasures fabric is an all-over pattern, so I centered up one of the images and cut a piece about 16 x 21. I was trying to get them to match exactly so I took the first piece I cut and laid it on next identical image and I realized that the Lady motif shifts across the fabric. I finished up with buttons. I wanted Milagros but I have button, so I tied them on with embroidery floss.
Any who, on both of the totes I used Pellon Fusible Fleece for body.
I would have done some quilting but my walking foot walked away, which led to a huge cleanup of the studio and a recovery mission that netted over 6 seam rippers, tons of pins, a cording foot and a doll tee-shirt that went missing 6 months ago, but no walking foot.


Anonymous said...

Love the Our Lady of Guadalupe fabrics. Have started a few projects with them too. . . I love your pillows and have not been able to find a pattern with that flat fabric "ruffle" surrounding the pillow. Any suggestions? Or will you share?

Some Art Mama said...

To make the flat ruffle is really not a ruffle at all. I added 2 inches to the pillow form measurement on all 4 sides (PLUS SEAM ALLOWANCE), sewed rst then after I turned it I marked the 2 inches border and sewed through all the layers. The back of the pillow is split so I could put the pillow form in. Thanks

Colette said...

I want to send you a pic of the Our Lady of Guadalupe quilt that I made but cannot figure out how to attach it. Colette Grower Alaska


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