Before View Master was cool!

In the final summer of the Atlanta College of Art, my older daughter and I decided to continue our education with some community ed. It was a sad summer to be at ACA, feelings were mixed, their purchase by Savannah College of Art & Design did not fit well with all. As a SCAD grad I understood, but I know that you can't mess with SCAD it has a life force all it's own.

Anyway this post is supposed to be about me being cool before my time:

4 Color Screen print circa 2004

See the view master disc, I though I was all that. Melody Miller eat your heart out, granted she is the one with a fabric line not me :-)

To create the screen to make these 4 color screen prints I put a bunch of different things on my scanner and scanned them. I also found some cool old books, one about medicine, the other animals/bugs and used images from them, the kid is me.

Here are the others from this series.

4 Color Screen print Self portrait circa 2004

4 Color Screen print Self portrait circa 2004

You might be able to tell what some of the things I scanned were:
bubble wrap
mesh bag
the View Master disk

They are all self portraits except the one with the VM disc, I even did some doodle drawing and I don't draw. I think this was the summer of 2004. Anywho....

When Ruby Star Rising fabric came out I thought I should find this series. I think I used the VM disc in some other screen projects but these are all I could find.

Ruby Star Rising just arrives and I am SOOO in LOVE with it!

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