One night in Paducah

On with the Some Art Fabric Spring Odyssey, it is not as fraught with danger as Homer's, but it is my personal journey through America in search of ... well that is still to be determined.

So first big decision before departing for Deactur, IL, ... am I pulling my oldest child out of school for 8 days to ride shotgun? This is HUGE for me, it is my thought that all of this travel should not be wasted on the old (me) and that my children would reap great rewards from being with me. Yes I am talking HOME SCHOOL or really hotel school. So should I start now? Should J come along, learn the ropes. The final decision is YES!

Off we go to Paducah, right you thought we were going to Decatur IL, well you drive right through Paducah on the way, what sane quilter can get that close and not stop.

We only made 3 stops in Paducah and you can guess what they were, Hancock's of P, the Quilt Museum and a Saint Vincent de Paul thrift store. The thrift store was a dud but the other stops were a blast.

I was not going to actively look for the Hancock's but as we pulled out of our hotel it was RIGHT there. How can a fabric addicted woman not stop. Hancock's of P is overwhelming, we checked the remnant bin. One of the drawback to owning a fabric store is that all of your limited sewing time is involved with making samples and you kinda have to use the fabric you sell to make samples. All the same I purchased a couple of fabrics that looked good, mostly Alexander Henry and one from some unknown company that had archers and centaurs and the words Sagittarius all over it. That would be my sign, so it kinda had to come home with me.

My daughter loved the museum, it was amazing and inspiring. I make such simple quilts.  looking at the glorious ART work in the museum just about blew me away.

Here is something cool for the young quilters (as an aside I did not even know about this program and since I sell Moda Fabric and I am an exhibitor/member of the museum some one is dropping the PR ball).

School Block Challenge

Sponsored by MODA Fabrics, School Block Challenge is a yearly contest for children. Participating schools, youth groups and parents are given packets with three fabrics from MODA, and students are required to incorporate all three fabrics in their block.
Entries may be created by individual students and small groups. Quilters often assist the students as their projects develop. The blocks are judged in categories of K - 4th grades, 5th - 8th grades and 9th - 12th grades. A grand prize award is given to the overall outstanding quilt block.
An exhibition of all quilt blocks will be on exhibit at The National Quilt Museum. A narrative about each block's design and development submitted by the students is also exhibited. A kick-off reception for the exhibit is held in late January to recognize the winners and all the participants. Local residents and media are always invited to meet these amazing quilters and learn more about School Block Challenge.
 How cool is THAT! The blocks were really fun. I need to make it my mission to share this contest. All of the blocks are displayed at the museum. Rockin, my daughters work will be in the museum way before mine. There are no links for the 2012, we picked  up an application while we were there, if I can still find it when I get home I will scan it and put it up. The deadline for 2012 is the first of December. As soon as I know more I will share!


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