Decatur -- Illinois

Decatur IL Quilt Show

I was a novice traveler, when we started Some Art Fabric 6 years ago I never thought I would travel far and wide to bring cool fabric to the masses. I also never thought I could back a trailer or drive 12 plus hours a day to get to a show or more likely, to get home.

This is so my life now and I want my children to see both how different and how much alike all people are, so on this first ever 3 weeks of shows with no going home I brought my oldest child. She is amazing! over the top and that is not just because I am her mother. She took to building the booth like a duck to .... , she is a charming sales person with skill. I could not have birthed a better helper if I tried.

Road Trip KY - IL

Straight out of Paducah we went over a seriously sketchy bridge, the wheels made sounds I did not like and I kinda thought I was having a panic attach. Both my brother and my nephew have a fear of bridges, which I always scoffed at, but this bridge gave me the willies. It did not help that Julia kept talking about the river being flooded.

The weather took a turn from warm and sunny to cold and windy, we arrived in Decatur a bit late and I could not find the Convention Center. For future reference look for Saint Patrick's Cathedral on Google Maps since it has been in the same place since 1854, and the Convention Center is right across the street. The guild members were still there and they let me pull the truck in to the center (this is HUGE) and my new "besty", the show coordinator got a line of folks together to help me unpack in about 15 minutes. J and I headed back to the hotel and then went looking for tights or leggings cause 10 year old children don't know how to pack for three weeks of iffy weather.

Worker Bee

The booth build went great and on our way back to the hotel we stopped at a great thrift store on Main Street. We find our thrift stores when we travel at a website called the Thrift Shopper, it gives listing based on zip code, along with reviews, of course we also keep out an eagle eye. Julia though is smelled and it did, like moth balls. I found an original Dick  Jane book from the 50s, nice linen napkins and some yardage of herringbone wool that still had tags from Scotland. I kinda don't think I should felt it but I will.

Decatur IL Quilt Show

The booth looked great, I really wanted that quilt they hung above us! They had so MUCH food for the workers and the vendors we were spoiled. The guild folks (including many husbands) were wonderful and as we left J cried she had made so many new friends. The show is small compared to the BIG ones, it is way BIG in spirit, community and QUILTS! We will go back if we can slid it in front of or after the big Schaumberg show.

This is a close up of my "besty's" quilt and a Melly & Me! embroidery design.

Decatur IL Quilt Show

Thanks Decatur you guys Rule!

There are more images up at our flickr site of the quilts!.

Local Newspaper write up of the show.

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