Recycling for Christmas

Those of you who make your holiday have already started, right. Since I make holidays for others I started working on our Christmas line back in March. I am prepping aluminum cans to the made into ornaments, earring & bookmarks.

My friends and family save all of their cans, but then I have to cut them down to make space. Usually I don't need thousands of cans but this year I went global and two of my ornaments will be in a VERY BIG CATALOG, which will remain nameless until the print date.

Here is a sneak at the glamorous back side of using recycled cans for creating art:

Once I get them all cut down and washed they head to the basement to be stored or if I still feel like standing for another hour I run them through the accucut. Making 500 items was easy, I think making 3000 may be a huge challenge.

Drink up and save your cans cause I need them to make Some Art.


pam said...

I always knew storing, cutting, and preparing aluminum cans for making those fabulous little stars was totally glamorous!

I've been thinking about you - making 3000.

I treasure my star, thank you! It is amazing how pretty it is on the tree. It is actually on my "Fiesta" tree right now!

Some Art Mama said...

Thank Pam, working at this quantity is a huge challenge. I am glad for the staggered deadlines, I have cut almost all of the cans and the second deadline will be out of reach if I don't find a source.


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