Georgia Organics

We had our first even purchased at a restaurant Gluten Free, Dairy Free pizza at Pizza Fusion this week.We discovered a great new place to eat all thanks to Georgia Organics and our desire to try our hand at locavorism. A locavore is someone who eats stuff that is grown locally, in season.

So with that thought we are visiting the Marietta Farmers Market most Saturdays and we started a garden. I doubt the garden will do much to sustain us, it is fairly pathetic at this moment. We did not start it early and well I love dirt but I generally work with flowers.

We are somewhat hampered by my lack of desire to cook and by our fairly pervasive food allergies. I am working on the cooking but A's favorite snack flies in from Europe, where apparently they cater a bit more to those who cannot consume gluten.

Thanks God for Georgia Organic Farmers, I know we will eat and we are having a great time canning. There will be jam. I am waiting for the freestone peaches and blueberries.

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