Happy Thanksgiving

Today is my favorite day of the year.

I love Thanksgiving: it is a wonderful day to reflect on your life in a positive and loving way, it is filled with amazing smells and an overwhelming amount of food and it is for family and friends.

I love Thanksgiving: it is a celebration of the fall which is my favorite season, my birthday falls on it ever 7 ish years, it does not require gifts or imaginary icons to lend it validity.

I love Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for more thing than I can list in this post my family and friends are at the top of my list.

Thanksgiving is like New Years for me. I spend a lot of time thinking about where I want to be this time next year (which will be "a BIG" birthday). What are my goals and how will I achieve them. Here are a few that I am already working on:

Sew, Craft, Make cause it is fun and you love to do it.
This might seam like an easy goal but about 3 months ago I took a Indie Craft Class and I realized that if it was not for the store or I could not see a way to use it to promote Some Art Fabric, I was not longer doing it. That made me sad. I changed the name of the blog to just Some Art Talk and I started to include my photographic images and the images of photographers I adore, along with a bunch of other crafty things I do.

Another pleasure that has been eclipsed by life. What could be better than slipping into someone else's skin and living a different life for a few hours.

I just reread Breaking Dawn, I think this is truly the finest of the series, I have yet to see the Twilight movie. I might slip away later today. As far as Vampire books go I really love the House of Night series by the mother / daughter team: P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast. The dialog take some getting used to, if you don't hang out with teenagers all day like I do, but what a fun idea, a finishing school for young vampires.

Buy a Bike
I am not huge on exercise of any sort but I used to love riding a bike, it was freedom unlimited when I was younger. So my older daughter and I will be getting bikes very soon. (Maybe even tomorrow if I can find a sale at the local bike shop).

Pray - Meditate - Sit in Silence
My world is very loud, a few years ago during lent I started a morning ritual which involved contemplative / centering prayer. If you are not familiar with it, contemplative / centering prayer is very big in the monastic life and similar to meditation. You have a word, you repeat it over and over again in an attempt to block out your head noise. The word is supposed to be short but I use the word immaculate. Silence is a precious gift and I miss it.

Start Making my Handmade Christmas YIKES!!
Thanksgiving is the trigger that starts this race for me and I better get cracking if I think I will be hand making jack squat. December the blog with be chock full of links to cool quick gift ideas and tomorrow we start a huge Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale.

Off to my sewing room.

Peace OUT! :-)

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desidou said...

Hey! If you go to see Twilight and want a friend to tag along with, give me a call...I'll go! I've been listening to the series on CD during my commute and I'm addicted. I've been wanting to sneak off to see the movie! I miss you!


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