A big chicken birthday

Little Bit had a birthday in late September that did not get the proper press time due to mommy's distraction. At our house birthdays last 3 - 4 days. Little Bit had 3 cakes and some muffins by the time it was all said and done. We don't do big parties, only the folks who were there the day of the original event (family), but we often travel to those folks if they can't get to us.

Her first cake was at school, she and her 2 best buds got to spend the morning baking and decorating a cake. I was not in attendance to this event, the school makes a point of explaining that parents do not need to be involved.

Her second was a breakfast party on the day of, we made gluten free blueberry and pecan muffins:

Then we headed up to the mountains to visit Oma and had our third baked delight We also visited a craft fair in the park. We wrapped up her birthday weekend with a trip to visit her other grandmother, who was in attendance at the Saturday morning shindig but Grandma baked another cake so...

Her big gift from daddy & I is a new bedroom, to be honest that is not yet done, the walls are painted and the quilt is almost finished. I just need to hang curtains and finish the binding and her big girl room will be DONE.

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