A bit behind

I am running a bit behind and I doubt it will get better in the next 30 days. October is our biggest month as far as vending events go. We have 3 events this month (Georgia Quilt Council, Georgia Quilt Show and our Fall Fabric Fest). Events were I pack up the online shop, shove it in the back of a trailer and drive to locations, where I quickly (6 -10 hours) set up a "store". Most of this I do by myself, can't wait till the girls get old enough to help. I have a fairly slick system, everything it on wheels, even with all that it is difficult work. We down sized the number of events this fall due to the physical issues (my back) and child care.

For weeks before the events my time is consumed with cutting and folding new fabric, I kinda love that part. I am up most mornings at 4 am to get everything done. By the end of October everything will be far more organized.

Unfortunately I am not blogging, sewing or crafting. Online store ownership is a bit lonely so the next 4 weeks will be exhausting but great. I get hours of face time with my customers; it will need to last me until spring.

The blog may be a bit bare for the month of October. I will try to post images from the events. If you are local, stop by and visit.

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