Anniversary of Strength

This week marks the second anniversary of a painful time, not a horrible day or a tragic day, just many painful days, months really.

October is breast cancer awareness month and this month, in 2006, my mother underwent a bilateral mastectomy.

Her cancer was not diagnosed with a mammogram, she noticed one of her breasts was growing. She went in to see her general practitioner and she asked about it. They did a biopsy and confirmed malignancy in her mammary glands. She started her first of two rounds of chemo. After the surgery she also went through 2 rounds of radiation.

I am so lucky that my mother-in-law is near and could help care for my two young children. I also thanks the powers that be that there are laws that protect your job during times when you truly need to care for your family.

Cancer brought us closer and pointed a strong light on our priorities. We realized that we needed each other, that we were there for each other and that made us both stronger. In the past two years we strayed back into busy lives. This month is the time for us to pull ourselves up sharp and remember. To remember the fear and the joy.

Please take time this month to be with the women you love and take the time to care for yourself so that you can be there for the ones who love you.

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Mary said...

What a really lovely tribute to her mother.


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