Aprons for everyone

Last month, my best friend from high school came to visit me. Before she arrived, I was fretting about what we were going to do while she was here - what did we have in common after all these years? It had been 10+ years since we'd really spent time together, but I knew it would be a great visit she blurted out "Des, I want you to teach me to sew while I'm here". I just about ran my car off the road I was so surprised.

For her first project, I suggested aprons - her husband does most of the cooking in her house and her 5 yr old son likes to help his daddy in the kitchen. We made them each an apron. Her husband's was made using BBQ fabric from SomeArtFabric while her son's required a special trip to our local fabric shop for special "Spiderman" fabric! Then, she saw my Kaufman chicken fabric that I bought from SomeArtFabric she had to have an apron for herself made out of the chicken fabric.

Don't fret! Colleen has some of this on order from Kaufman. It should be in any day now! Between my mom and myself, we ended up buying a good portion of the bolts that Colleen ordered last time around...

Anyway, here are the results of the aprons and my reviews on PatternReview.com. The 1-yard apron is a great BBQ or general purpose kitchen apron for guys. The pattern used for the chicken apron is from Amy Butler's book - "In Stitches" I HIGHLY recommend it for beginning and intermediate sewists looks for cute, creative projects.

I hope this motivates you to get sewing! These are quick, simple but useful projects. This weekend's agenda - lunch bags from the recent SewNews issue! Stay tuned for more details and pictures!


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