New Fall Classes

Well, we are in high gear, getting ready for the 2013 Fall Quilt Season. We will be traveling for 10 of the 16 weekends between now and the new year, so there are a lot of opportunities for you to shop our booth and to take a class with ME! Here we go...

Crochet A Rug 

 Here is a wonderful way to use up fabric you loved (past tense) and bought lots of. See how to make hundreds of yards of ‘yarn’ from the fabric sitting in your stash! For class, however, Colleen does all the work, providing pre-ripped fabric yarn, instructions and a crochet hook. You do NOT need to know how to crochet to attend and complete your rug successfully. 

 Wool Applique: Mini-Penny

 Learn everything you need to learn about wool applique as you stitch this beautiful miniature penny rug. Your kit comes completely pre-cut, so you can get right to work in class. Choose from a wide range of colors, including hand dyed wool. Finished Penny Rug is 9 x 9 inches. 

Graphic Quilts that POP (BYOF)

Looking for a bit of POP in your next quilt? Explore Terry Atkinson's new book Graphic Mixx as you make her ‘Corn and Beans’ quilt. All you need to do is cut your 7.5” and 6” squares and come to class. The solids will be ready and waiting for you to sit down and SEW. Includes the book (with many other quilts to make) and solid fabrics.  Bring your own fabric.

The 1600 Quilt (BYOM) 

Using 40 tone-on-tone fabric strips, create a quick and powerful(ly) fun quilt. Learn to make a simple diagonal seam, no worries if we have a plump quarter-inch or skinny quarter-inch seams. Be ready to put pedal to the metal -- your precut kit has you stitching right away, finishing your top in class. Your quilting buddies will want to know the secret ... What is 1,600 inches long when it starts and finishes 48” x 64”?  

Check Back for the November Schedule, we will be in

 Minneapolis, MN
Tinley Park, IL 

Overland Park, KS


Patti said...

Could you please verify the sizes of the blocks for the Graphic Quilts That Pop quilt? Above you say 7" and 6.5" squares; the Pittsburgh sewing expo site gives the sizes as 6.5" and 4.5". Which is correct?

Colleen Casey said...

Sorry for the slow response, the info on my blog is correct. The Sewing Expo people made and error. I do have the info for either way.


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