Friday, February 3, 2012, an amazing power left this world, my grandmother. Her name, to me, was Grandma Casey. When my children were born she became their GiGi. She was know to most as Bette. Betty Rae, to the readers of Capper Farmer in the 1930s and to those who met her as a runway model. On her marriage license to my grandfather her name was Elizabeth. She lived an amazing life, her stories where my favorites.


She met my grandfather in the late 30s, they were both art students at Pratt. How could George Casey not fall madly in love with her, an art student and a runway model. She maintained her ram rod straight posture and a love of very high heels until age and back issues got in the way.
Every single child, grandchild and even my children (her great grands) received the blessing of her sewing and her copious use of straight pins in quilts. I still have the dress she made me for my aunt's wedding. Grandma did all the decoration at my wedding and many more. She ran a design studio in the West Palm/Jupiter area through all of my childhood. I know that my love of sewing and textiles is her direct legacy. A gift from my childhood, when I was allowed to go through all her scraps and remnants from all the beautiful Florida homes she swathed in drapery and duvets. 

Almost every Christmas we made the trip down to Florida for a family gathering. My friends were always jealous that I got to swim in the ocean over Christmas break. We spent time hunting for Turban shells, which I now know is kinda awful, and sea glass, preferable blue. If the sea glass was not buffed enough, she would make us throw it back. 

Her obituary only states a few facts and leaves too much unsaid. She will always be remembered and missed. Her memorial will be held on Monday.

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