The Sneater Invasion

We had an outrageous time today at the Original Sewing & Quilt  Expo in Atlanta.

Colleen Maria Casey (that's me) led a group of adventurers on an expedition to discover a band of wild Sneaters.
Actually it was a blast, but no one had trapse through the jungle.

In a lovely classroom at the Expo, we gathered Sneater kits got to work.

Do you see your Sneater in the photo?
Like our post on Facebook and show your friends your handywork!

Like this post on Facebook and claim the Sneater YOU discovered!
We are so thrilled with the new plushies. What surprises will you put in their pockets? What adventures will your Sneater take?
These cuties are made from felted wool sweaters and love hugs.


pam said...

Adorable! You must have a constant smile on your face!

Sheri said...

This class was the most fun and what a cute Sneeter I made. Grandchildren loved it. Sheri


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