Saint Brigid Day February 1

One day Dubhthach takes his daughter in a chariot to the King of Leinster to see if he can strike a deal to make her a member of the King's court. Brigid is left outside in the chariot, and while there, a leper approaches her, seeking alms. Without hesitation, Brigid hands over her father's sword, an item of great value. In the warlike province of Leinster, this says more than words can capture about Brigid's system of values. Needless to say, these values do not correspond with her father's, and he is furious when he discovers her action. Fortunately for Brigid, the King of Leinster is present as Dubhthach begins to chastise her, and he checks Dubhthach rage, saying: "Leave her alone, for her merit before God is greater than ours." Thus Brigid returns home, and through this incident of being praised by the king is also delivered from bondage. In time, Dubhthach tries to arrange a marriage for his daughter (another way of making her someone else's responsibility), but she isn't interested. Beautiful Brigid consecrated herself to God at a young age, choosing a life of virginity, dedication to God and service to the poor.

Brigid's sanctity drew many others. When she was about 15 she settled with seven other like-minded girls near Croghan Hill in order to devote herself to God's service. Along with these seven also seeking the veil, she approaches St. Maccaille for guidance. At first, Maccaille is doubtful of the wisdom of Brigid's decision, thinking it a case of misdirected zeal. However, the more time he spends with Brigid and her postulants, the more he comes to see that the hand of God is guiding them. When Brigid and her virgins appear before Bishop Mel, various accounts tell that a miraculous manifestation of the Holy Spirit occurred. For humility Brigid had sent herself to the back of the line so that she might be the last to whom a veil should be given. But a fiery pillar appeared to rise from her head to the roof ridge of the church, inspiring Bishop Mel to call her forth: "Come, O Holy Brigid, that a veil may be on thy head before the other virgins." As a result of this supernatural intervention, the form of ordaining a bishop was read out over Brigid. St. Maccaille protested that it was not proper that a woman receive Holy Orders as a bishop. But reportedly Bishop Mel replied: "No power have I in this matter. That dignity hath been given by God unto Brigid, beyond every (other) woman." .... All Saint Online
So Brigid is one of the saints who stayed with me from my time in Catholic school as a youngster. We made her cross every February first as part of a larger conversation about our responsibilities to those less fortunate. This is big info for an 8 year old, still, the day, the activity and the ideals the nuns exposed us to stayed with me. Today my children and I will take the time to make a new cross for our mantel. Here are a couple of tutorials you can visit to get ideas to make yours.

Catholic Home and Garden

One of my Favorite Blogs has a great tutorial Gingerbread Snowflakes

I did not use wheat or reeds for my first one I used recycled newspaper, here is how I made the newspaper reeds

Here is ours from last year:

Paper Sugar Skull Banner

I will update this year's Saint Brigid event with more pictures tomorrow!

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pam said...

Well! i am the ultimate Johnny Come Lately!

I am behind on my blog reading but i didn't realize I was this far behind.

Thank you so much for the link but even more for all the info re St. Brigid. And A cross made from newspaper - brilliant!

I have this one saved in my bookmark for linking next year!


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