Made in America--Kinda

Why is a Jeep Commercial so heartbreaking? I saw this ad and the words made me cry. I don't give a rat's backside about Jeep, they are cashing in on a moment, a realization that as a culture we have lost something.

We all have our soap boxes and I realize mine is a bit shaky. For all of my buy local, support the arts and grow your own foodism--I feel like a hypocrite, in a very big way.

This holiday as I make make make our gifts I realized that even if I am making the final product, many of the components are not made in America (MIA), they are made in China (MIC) or Japan or some other country far away.  Since the ones MIC don't have a disclaimer, they were probably made by children and prisoners.

This leaves me in a quandary, do I abhor all things manufactured outside of the USA? I think I allow myself to temper that thought with the fact that there is not a MIA option. As an artist, crafter, educator and local/online shop owner, I support the making of things. The things I make and sell feed my family, not feeding my family is not an option.

Thinking sucks.


MS.Boogaloo said...

I can drive myself crazy thinking about this stuff. I am a hugely anti-sweatshop but besides that, MIC is a real safety (and liability) concern for us because we make things that babies are likely to chew on.

I try to source as many local components as possible but there are some things that flat-out aren't made in the USA anymore. And that includes a lot of craft supplies and textiles.

And! (Oh no, you got me started...) if all goes well and we find everything THEN we have a hard time competing on price because other people use cheaper made in china components. People think that they want things made locally but when it's time to buy, it's hard for them to cough up five extra dollars to cover the difference.

Which reminds me, I need to run to michael's tomorrow while the boys are in yoga!

Some Art Mama said...

Singing to the choir!! I try to keep thing recycled and such but originally every piece of fabric, every book, every button, NOT MIA.

I only have the wee one tonight and I will be running to the same place during yoga, (maybe I should bring her to the younger class). Also gotta stop at Trader Joe's cause one of their 3 pack dark chocolate bars is to DIE for.


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