Fermentation Insanity

I have gone off the deep end. When I do things I tend to go overboard but this is a fun crazy new level, even for me.

A few weeks ago I went to Tennessee to see what I could see about eating real food. Well, I came back with a Jun scoby (fancy kombucha scoby) and some just started Mead. Today behold the top of my refrigerator.

It is crazy fun that maybe only I will eat.
From L-R:
Ginger Soda Starter
Blueberry - Cherry Soda (Day 1)
That is the first row anyway.

Here is some the sneaky back row.

Our kraut, pretty standard issue cabbage only. I followed Sandor Katz's demo. I sliced up the cabbage, added some salt to taste, bruised it up good, pounded it into the quart jars with my wood mallet and rubber banded the kid cup to press it down and submerge all the cabbage. I did not need to add any additional fluids on the first day but I did notice that it was a bit low today (Day 3). The second version has spices and a bit of GF soy sauce, and a cinnamon jar holding it all down.

This is my first mead in it second fermentation, Glenda the good witch of all ferments and my newest batch of mead.

On slow evening we watch the airlock. Good Fun.
Here is a close up of the new mead. It is doing some good fermentation!
This lovely blueberry cherry mix will be soda pop by next week. Yummy.

Lucy, our resident feline is probably not licking her lips in anticipation over anything on top of the fridge. She want me to try fish.

Here are some good links I found while researching all these lovely ferments.

Wild Fermentation, Sandor Katz
Lacto Fermentation Blog Carnival

My soda pop recipes came from:
Permaculture Forum &
Learning Herbs

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Bryan said...

Great snaps! You're so cool! I was going to comment on our Glinda, then I saw LUCY! HA! Her sister Ethel really wishes she could be a part of all the fun, but she'd have to start getting along with Lucy first.

Jessica said...

Hi! Awesome ferments! I'm looking to get my hands on a jun baby - do you have any to share or recommendations of where to find one?

Some Art Mama said...

I would be happy to share, I composted the first one, it was a bit ragged and I used the second one to start another container. I am not sure how to mail it but send me an email and we can figure it out.

Annie said...

Do you still have jun cultures? Annie :-)


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