Flower Book Belt

More fun with the fabric flowers. Here is the tutorial on how to make the flowers.

Finished Fabric Flower
2 D rings
Black Felt circle 2 inches
Grosgrain Ribbon in a size that fit your D rinds
Super Thick Tacky Glue
Measure around your book with your ribbon add a few inches to be safe, you can cut it down later.
Slide the 2 D rings onto the end of the ribbon.
Fold over at approximately an inch.
Stitch Down the ribbon.
Sew the 2 inch Felt circle to the ribbon WST.
Smear on some Super Thick Tacky Glue.
Press the gluey felt circle to the existing felt circle on the finished back of your flower. Let it dry.
A Book Belt!
Look good at the pool with your very fashionably attired book!

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