Help Hospitalized Veterans

On Sunday my father had a mild stroke. My dad lost most of the use in his right arm, he was tilting wildly to one side, he could walk with help. He had forgotten how to use a spoon and could not sign any of the paperwork.

BUT while spending quality time at the VA hospital I discovered a cool new organization, Help Hospitalized Veterans. HHV comes around and gives out free craft kits that are donated to them to keep the vets engaged while they are incapacitated. The web site indicates that they do a great deal more than just craft kits. I was impressed.

My dad decided that he would start his own occupational therapy using the Moccasin Kit they provided. He struggled with the instruction but once I helped get the two pieced together and the first stitches in, he was off. This is the man who started me down the wicked way of sewing. I was thrilled to see that he could thread the lace through the holes and line them up correctly. What an amazing physical recovery.

Physically he is vastly improved, in good spirits, feeling pretty okay. He completely flunked his cognitive tests yesterday, he could name all of the Presidents in order backwards, but he cannot recall certain words and he lost numbers in a very big way.

I am very impressed with the VA, I think they are doing a great job with my dad. They are very supportive of the family and his aftercare, which is great since I will be in charge of most of what happens after he leaves the hospital.


Dot said...

hey! you never told me your dad was Santa Claus? ;)

sending good thoughts to him to get better ...

and what a great idea on the craft kits..

Erin said...

I've read your post twice. I love it. I've struggled with what to do with craft supplies that I don't think I'll be using any more and your story gave me a new direction to head with them. Thanks so much. I hope your dad is continuing to improve and that the moccasins came out well.

Kay Vogt said...

Healing thoughts to your dad from Florida!


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