Yudu Screen Printer

Yudu Screen Printer
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I am totally jacking this great new screen printer all in one to expose my plain jane old school screens. Works like a charm, exposure time is about 7 minutes with Ulano Screen Emulsion. So much better than a 500 watt bulb, which takes 45 minutes.

I will try included screen soon cause they really did a great deal with the design. There is a funny video with instructions, along with a screen, single emulsion sheet, squeegee and ink in the starter kit. The machine even has a drying cabinet in it. So Cool.

BUT I am extremely pleased about the way it works with what I already have since I did not want to get caught up buying all of the yudu products. I already have a bunch of screens, squeeges, ink etc.

I picked my Yudu up at a big box store here is the main web site.
The image is an Our Lady of Guadalupe. I will be printing tomorrow.


Dot said...

that is so cool! you have the bestest toys :)

Mary said...

I still have not opened mine. I, too, have some ink and screens to use, so I'm glad to hear they work OK with the Yudu.


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