How Cute is this?

A couple of my students came out to Kraftworks last week and when they arrived back at school they were insistent that I teach them how to make plushies. I already had some cool eyes and an idea of how to create dolls based on drawings from the class this summer, so I said sure. One more teenager who can sew is a great thing.

So they brought in some old clothes, mostly tee shirts and a wool jacket with fake fur to recycle for the project. Officially these guys are in my photography class, the original thought was to create a plushie menagerie to use as part of one student's final portfolio. His enthusiasm quickly transfered to a number of other students.

One of them suggested I teach a craft class, innocent fools. If there were only enough hours in the day.

Here I am sporting one of the creatures I made at the Mary Ray Lecture on Saturday. Photo complements of Mary Ray

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