First Day of Summer -- New Lonni Rossi Project

Well summer is finally here and I am out of school with the exception of 2 teachers workdays. So far since Friday I have cleaned the studio / shop, straighten fabric and picked my first summer sewing project. 

Lonni Rossi has a new line out called Paint Box, when it first arrived I was a bit hesitant. I love all of Rossi's fabric but some are easier to work with than others. Lonni Rossi is a true textile artist and her fabric lines really challenge you to think about what you are making and push outside your limits. 

The Summer 08 issue of Designer Quilts has a wonderful article and a knock out quilt pattern designed by Rossi.  I was amused by her statement that her fabric "play nicely together." I rarely find that to be the case, what I find it that her fabrics are the star of any project you put them in. They are unique and visual exciting, but they need a bit of a buffer so they can really shine. I am just getting started with the pattern I choose to spotlight this line, Hula Hoop by Me & My Sister.

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