Earth Day - Recycled Paper

Watcha doin' for Earth Day?

I will be making paper, lots of it hopefully. I am no expert but my paper has gone from UGG!! to OHH! My mom even wants a chance to play. I am on my fourth batch and they keep getting better. The green and the pink papers are from the last 2 batches. I don't want to put on my super cool tee shirt yet but I am really proud of this last batch of green.

Last year we purchased an Accu Cut and I love it for upcycling, cutting fabric patches and now for making cards.

These are proto types of upcoming products. The Thank You cards will be included in your orders and the Circle Cut Card will be available when I get a few more made (and the envelopes arrive).

Start thinking now about how you want to spend your Earth Day. Our tradition is to plant a tree and eat cake (Happy Birthday Bryan).

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