A Coat for Baby Kelly

My cousin's baby is just SO much fun to dress. You see I didn't have Ottobre patterns when my girls were this little so I have all these adorable girl baby patterns and nobody to make them for...well until baby Kelly came along! Someart has this fabulous poplin and for some reason my first thought was spring jacket! I found some pink twill in my stash that matched perfectly and found this adorable little pattern and knew it would be just precious.

The best part about this little coat is that it's reversible! So when baby Kelly spills her peas all down the front, my cousin can just turn it inside out and they're ready for any photo op that may present itself. My next project is a little dress in the coordinating knit!

1 comment:

Martha said...

That is way too cute! The fact that it is reversable is a bonus. I love that ruffle detail.


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