Cleaner, Greener, New Year!

In the spirit of handmade gifts, I have been giving my friends homemade cleaning products! What does cleaning have to do with sewing? Well I do believe most sewists (clean, can't call them sewers!) have some common traits. We all love fabric. We all love good food. We all love making things, whether it be dinner, clothes, quilts, cleaning products, etc. We all love being at home mostly because that is where our hearts are and our sewing machines.

A sewing sister showed me this book Clean House Clean Planet and now I am obsessed with making the perfect smelling, perfectly green, absolutely cheap, cleaning product. I do love being at home with my 2 girls and I want my home to be a haven and a safe respite from the crazy outside world. These products are made with common household ingredients, mainly baking soda, vinegar, and casteel soap. They are non-toxic and won't bleach the clothing I work so hard to finish. They are scented with essential oils. My latest is a mandarin and clove scented all purpose spray. It makes my kitchen smell delicious! Best of all, they really do work. The soft scrub type product is fabulous and I don't have to worry about traces of it left in the tub harming my kids.

So why not give the gift of a clean, green house this Christmas? You can add a little apron to your bottle and if really motivated, machine embroider the ingredients on it! Have a clean, green, and perfectly non-toxic Christmas!

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Martha said...

What a cool idea! I wonder if I still have time to purchase this for someone - maybe me - before Christmas!


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